The incidences of data breaches and cyber-attacks have increased steeply over the past few years. Organizations have been battling ransomware, WannaCry, NotPetya attacks, etc., with severe economic and reputation impacts. Data protection modernization is the biggest priority for the majority of organizations in the current times.

Traditional data protection solutions gave priority to data backup and recovery. However, in the increasingly complex digital world, IT worlds are highly dynamic- and their needs are not conventional.

The expected data protection solutions in the current date should handle new workloads and data growth, rapidly recover during data and cyber breaches, and boost the analytics efficacy and efficiency of development.

To adequately meet the expectations, companies need to move beyond the conventional backup strategies. They are required to unify data retention, recovery, and reuse across their hybrid multi-cloud environments. It includes virtualized, physical, and container-based workloads and, most critically, supports cybersecurity goals.A solid foundation will enhance the key features that boost the updated modern data protection agenda:

  • Simplicity of management
  • Better performance
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Capability to protect & secure backup repositories
  • More effective and efficient business operations

If leveraged correctly, the right data protection plan can help transform the status of data protection strategy from being an insurance policy to a business-centric answer that supports data-driven transformation.


Advantages of the modern data protection plan

The IBM modern data protection plan satisfies the requirements needed for innovative and effective modern data protection. The features streamline protection management across hybrid multi-cloud environments, reduce costs, and increase business uptime while strengthening resiliency against cyber threats.


Improved business uptimes

Organizations enjoy faster backup processes, reduced disruptions, and IT teams being freer for more strategic tasks. Data retention time has also been reduced with IBM storage data protection solutions.

  • Higher cyber resiliency
  • Organizations will observe below improvements in cyber resiliency with IBM Storage modern data protection solutions.
  • Use tap to air-gap data
  • Lockdown data on fixed object storage
  • Scalable enough to easily handle significant, site-level detection and recovery in a short time
  • Rapid detection and alert of data corruption
  • Effective resiliency orchestration that allows entire process recovery, database, discrete system, or application with a simple button click


Reduced costs and operational efficiency

Reduced backup costs, TCO, and eliminating manual and tape programming are possible with IBM Storage. Storage efficiency also increases with reduced system administration workload, backup, and recovery infrastructure costs.


Higher productivity and streamline management

Simpler management and higher productivity allow organizations to significantly scale their storage capacity with nearly zero increase in the IT headcount.


Unlocked data value

Data access can be extended safely without compromising the data protection standards.

With IBM Storage solutions, organizations are enabled with modern and holistic data protection that provides unified, scalable, and simple management to protect and recover data across multi-cloud environments.