While adaptation of cloud is growing exponentially, role of MSPs are also becoming more important for organizations who are looking at digital transformation as an accelerator for their business growth. An MSP is a partner who helps organizations in their complete IT strategy and operation.

CXOs and other stake holders are often seen sitting across the table over the perpetual discussion of Cloud vs On-Premise. While we do not foresee any end to the crossroad, here are few points on why cloud is a better option.


Move from upfront capex to an Opex model: Your business depends on on-demand availability of resources and IT infrastructure is one of them. With customer demand coming from anywhere and anytime, building IT infrastructure grounds up is not a smooth path for your IT team to travel. It also includes heavy upfront investment. With cloud as an option you can literally provision essential IT services before you finish your coffee with no commitment and pay as you use model.


Agility, Availability and Scalability: With more than 50% of world population on internet, you can never predict whether your next customer will be from the same zip code or from thousands of miles away. May be no of users accessing your application can increase thousand times within few minutes. Either ways you can automate availability and scalability of resources on the fly to meet the operational demand.


Focus on your core business: Consider enterprises like Netflix, Airbnb and banks like Capital One. They let their IT to be outsourced and did what they need to do grow their business. You have infinite things to do, to plan, to strategize which is the need of your business and you are best at it.


Single Point of Contact: You have access to a series of infrastructure, vendors and services with a single Managed Service Partner who can help you assess, optimize, migrate and sustain. With offerings like:

  • Detailed assessment of existing Infrastructure, risk and timeframe
  • Identification of pain points and challenges in the existing Infrastructure.
  • Real-time security checks and monitoring.
  • Setting up the right cloud architecture.
  • Complete cloud adoption and change management
  • Monitoring, 24X7 support & cloud management to help businesses stay agile.

Pentagon System and Services with its vast offerings and multi cloud services can be a single stop for your cloud journey and becoming a successful business by leveraging the technology.


Abhilash Das

Practice Leader – Cloud Technology

Pentagon System and Services Pvt Ltd