Reasons why IBM Power Systems is the right platform for SAP HANA

With data being the new “fuel”, it won’t be wrong to consider it a precious resource that propels the IT industry forward. Unlike other resources that deplete gradually, data is a resource that gradually increases- both in terms of volume & complexity. Companies need access to tools that let them process, analyze & compute this massive amount of data in a matter of seconds. It may sound like a humongous task & almost impossible to execute but a highly efficient & high-speed memory database like SAP HANA helps companies do just that. SAP HANA lets companies process data with zero latency, make use of the data & be a truly “data-driven” organization. Although SAP HANA is an extremely powerful database system it is also important to deploy it on an equally powerful platform that can let companies extract maximum potential & provide unmatched industry-leading performance. A highly flexible, resilient platform like IBM Power Systems compliments the high-level memory bandwidth of SAP HANA and lets users integrate new workloads into existing resources & operations, here’s how…

How does IBM Power Systems maximize SAP HANA performance?
The IBM Power Systems suite delivers a platform that’s more reliable, secure, and sustainable along with a 5x faster AI capability that lets users extract the maximum potential from a high-memory database like SAP HANA. By integrating IBM Power Systems with the SAP HANA database companies can achieve a better ROI, faster provisioning & affordable scaling. Here’s why IBM Power Systems is the right platform for SAP HANA.

1.) Transform workloads with IBM Cloud
An enterprise-ready cloud platform lets you transform your workloads by deploying the latest high-performance infrastructure that enhances your business.

2.) Accelerate transformation
IBM has been ranked #1 by Gartner for management services for SAP HANA. This world-class expertise combined with IBM’s platform lets you accelerate your business exponentially with the help of SAP HANA’s performance.

3.) Strengthen security
Edge-to-cloud protection for your data backed by AI-infused threat management strengthens your security & ensures the complete safety of your SAP HANA database system. 

4.) Reduced downtime: SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems enables organizations to deliver over 99.999% availability and bring latency or unplanned and planned infrastructure downtime to near zero.

5.) Cost-effective & Sustainable
According to the FORRESTER report that analyses The Total Economic ImpactTM  of IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA, IBM Power Systems provided the following metrics in the report: 

  • A reduction in system downtime cost by 36% 
  • A reduction in power & cooling costs by 4% 
  • Avoided the cost for alternate server architecture by a staggering 49% 
  • Organizations saved nearly 438,000 KwH of power per year. 
  • IBM Power Systems provides a Return on Investment (ROI) of 137% payback in a short span of just 7 months. 

IBM & SAP have been pioneers in their domain & have been global strategic partners for almost 25 years. Both the IT giants have collaborated & co-innovated on numerous occasions and have expanded the world of Information Technology with powerful IT solutions and products. Organizations running SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems can take advantage of the excellent speed and throughput of IBM Power 8 CPUs. Its eight-core simultaneous multithreading (SMT-8), and 4 times the memory bandwidth, make IBM Power Systems an ideal platform for SAP HANA. Since the arrival of SAP HANA, IBM has developed multiple software that allows organizations to accelerate SAP’s potential along with its flexible business suite. Case studies conducted by leading global audit agencies have shown that companies that integrate SAP HANA with IBM Power Systems achieved an improved application performance, advanced digital self-service for customers along with agile mobile capabilities. IBM Power Systems is definitely the most advanced & high-performing platform that pairs perfectly with a high-speed, column-oriented in-memory database system like SAP HANA.