In the new generation of data storage, the combination of various effective technologies and enormous amounts of data has allowed small and large businesses to become digital powerhouses. However, despite the potential and effectiveness, many business owners assume that digital transformation is not only challenging but also complicated. The popularity of data is increasing rapidly and this is why business owners are creating, processing, and storing the data items anywhere including cloud networks. Most businesses have realized that they cannot be dependent on a single infrastructure to fulfill all their data-related requirements. This is why they have started utilizing different types of architectures.
On the other hand, IT professionals are also facing tremendous pressure to provide greater levels of agility and simplicity from their end. To fulfill the conflicting demands, the modern world requires a new approach to storage. This is why Dell has introduced PowerStore, a modern and advanced storage solution designed to resolve data conflicts. Here are the reasons why you need to migrate to Dell EMC PowerStore.

Advanced Storage Technology

Dell has designed and introduced PowerStore from scratch so that businesses can leverage the benefits of the latest technological advancements in terms of data storage, network, and interface. The NVMe architecture of the PowerStore is not only end-to-end encrypted but also capable of delivering 100% performance of the SSDs. Not to mention, lower latency and higher bandwidth are two of the most powerful features that can address the needs of the Flash SSDs, along with the latest Intel Optane SCM to boost the performance. The active-edge design and high availability of PowerStore can also support file and block on a single system.

Flexible Growth

With the help of advanced clustering technologies, the PowerStore is capable of boosting the processing power by more than four times whereas, the individual drive scaling is capable of addressing resource balancing and flexible capacity growth. When this balanced approach is enabled, the performance, as well as capacity, will be scaled cost-effectively and independently. With the help of intelligent resource balancing, PowerStore can easily balance the workloads and the storage to maximize the utility of the system.

Fast Migration

The PowerStore is built on an ecosystem that is capable of supporting solutions that are designed to boost time to value when customers implement their platform. These implementations include existing applications and data. You can find some great PowerStore tools that will help users with the data migration process.

Proper Data Reduction

This is one of the best reasons why you need to migrate or Dell EMC PowerStore. PowerStore is capable of providing consistent and superior storage efficiency that is enabled by the inline. You can also leverage the benefits of many attractive features such as always-on data reduction, and advanced compression and duplication, all while the hardware of your system has been accelerated by utilizing Intel QuickAssist Technology. This way you can conserve the primary GPU cycles. Make sure you get in touch with us by visiting Pentagon System & Services Pvt. Ltd.


These are the reasons why you should migrate to Dell EMC PowerStore. Make sure you contact us if you have any other queries.