SAP HANA is a name that comes in the lists of high-performing database management systems in the world. Ever since its inception, SAP HANA has revolutionized the way organizations store, manage & process data. The database management system can process transactional and analytical workloads at the same time and has near-zero latency. SAP HANA compiles transactional & analytics system into a single viable option. This leads to an efficient & powerful combination of mission-critical day-to-day online transaction processing (OLTP) with online analytics processing (OLAP), thus reducing latency & delivering some serious competitive advantage to businesses. IBM Power Systems is one of the few platforms that can consolidate the workload of SAP HANA & help businesses to extract the full potential of this powerful database management system.

SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems
IBM Power Systems has been engineered specifically to deliver peak performance which encompasses SAPA HANA’s specialization in handling big data analytics with a guaranteed 24×7 reliability. IBM Power Systems™ provides market-leading capabilities such as flexibility, resiliency, and performance, making it a versatile integration platform for multiple SAP HANA databases, traditional SAP applications, and other workloads. By deploying SAP HANA® on IBM Power Systems, businesses will have faster transactions, better data management, openness, and innovation.

The combination of SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems has enabled organizations to reduce the total cost of ownership, improve efficiency for data-intensive workloads, and achieve higher ROI by focusing on extracting insights from data rather than spending time, resources, and money managing dozens of small servers in a single cluster.

How does IBM Power Systems maximize SAP HANA performance?
The IBM Power Systems suite delivers a more reliable, secure, and sustainable platform along with a 5x faster AI capability that lets users extract the maximum potential from a high-memory database like SAP HANA. By integrating IBM Power Systems with the SAP HANA database companies can achieve a better ROI, faster provisioning & affordable scaling. Here’s why IBM Power Systems is the right platform for SAP HANA.  

1.) Transform workloads with IBM Cloud
An enterprise-ready cloud platform lets you transform your workloads by deploying the latest high-performance infrastructure that enhances your business.    

2.) Accelerate transformation
IBM has been ranked #1 by Gartner for management services for SAP HANA. This world-class expertise combined with IBM’s platform lets you accelerate your business exponentially with the help of SAP HANA’s performance.    

3.) Strengthen security
Edge-to-cloud protection for your data backed by AI-infused threat management strengthens your security & ensures the complete safety of your SAP HANA database system.

Why IBM Power Systems is the ideal platform to run SAP HANA 

With SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, customers have the flexibility to deploy on a wide range of IBM POWER8®-based servers, combined with a variety of storage options.  

Efficient handling of mission-critical workloads:
Customers can now migrate their mission-critical workloads to their existing IBM Power Systems infrastructure with greater reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS).

Cost-effective platform: IBM Power Systems provides a cost-effective solution for SAP HANA. IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to find out what economic benefits a hypothetical organization would realize.  

IBM offers both server & storage solutions to deploy SAP HANA & it goes without saying that these solutions are SAP-certified. Unlike other resources that deplete gradually, data is a resource that gradually increases- both in terms of volume & complexity. Companies need access to tools that let them process, analyze & compute this massive amount of data in a matter of seconds. It may sound like a humongous task & almost impossible to execute but a highly efficient & high-speed memory database like SAP HANA helps companies do just that. Although SAP HANA is an extremely powerful database system it is also important to deploy it on an equally powerful platform that can let companies extract maximum potential & provide unmatched industry-leading performance. A highly flexible, resilient platform like IBM Power Systems compliments the high-level memory bandwidth of SAP HANA and lets users integrate new workloads into existing resources & operations.