IBM clients have observed definite success after modernizing their data protection. Let’s embark on the journey to understand the necessities of the IBM Storage Modern Data Protection solution. As leaders in the IT industry can attest, every organization has a 25% chance of being breached by criminals in the next few years.

Organizations across the world have increased the adoption of multi-cloud environments. It leads to the obvious fact that there are a higher number of storage targets that need to be protected across a highly complex and diverse IT infra environment. And bigger the attack surface, it becomes imperative to enlist the help of advanced security tactics like modern data protection. Organizations must reduce their workloads- this covers workloads existing in the cloud or on-premises- via a unified platform that reinforces resiliency and streamlines management.


Increased cyber resiliency

The previously mentioned 25% chance of getting attacked by a cyber threat is a truth that is staring in the face of organizations. When looking into solutions that modernize data protection, clients need to consider solutions that can automatically identify possible ransomware attacks and offer security notifications.

Accurate and unbreachable data security extends beyond data encryption to offer the feature to lock down data on object storage or air-gap data on physical tape. Ransomware detection can prevent attacks as well.

Data storage on physical tape is a tried and tested tactic for protecting backup repositories. When clients leverage tape to air-gap data, they need to ensure that isolated backups are saved to tape and secured from cyber breaches that could affect other systems.


Handle complexity across hybrid environments

IT leaders and organizations know that complexity is the apparent result of hybrid multi-cloud environments; however, clients need to have complete control over data regardless of where it resides. And the availability of a single solution that expands across the entire IT infra helps unify the workload protection.

Nonetheless, where the data is being hosted, the accurate modern data protection solution will automate data reuse, backup frequency and data retention across the entire environment. This enables clients to efficiently handle data copy creation, data recovery, and SLA compliance all “under a single roof.”

Modify and empower your business with a complete and robust storage solution that refreshes and integrates into the existing IT infrastructure while significantly reducing costs.