IBM Power Systems are designed to provide organizations the right infrastructure to support AI applications. The blog gives away the challenges that you might face in supporting the AI applications.


Artificial Intelligence is the cream of the crop of today’s technologies. From uncovering valuable business insights that drive business growth to improving customer experience, AI offers innumerable benefits to organizations. However, studies have revealed that majority of businesses are facing multiple issues with successful AI integration.


Let us have a look at some of the major challenges enterprises are facing while implementing AI solutions –


Data challenges

A large amount of quality data is the key for successful AI implementation and uncovering valuable business insights. If your data is not clean, relevant and updated, the entire AI system, including the training and inference phases, will suffer badly.


Also, as data might come in varied formats such as plain text, images, audios, videos, etc., seamlessly integrating it also remains a challenge.


Lack of technical infrastructure

Not every infrastructure environment can adequately support AI applications and workloads. They entail handling massive amounts of data at a high speed, and require a high degree of computing-intensive power offered by high-end processors. The ability to scale for future business requirements, flexibility of deployment on cloud or on-premise, and security of your infrastructure also plays an important role in AI success or failure.


Lack of appropriate skills

Deploying and implementing AI applications require a tremendous, in-depth knowledge of the technology, its current advancements, and its limitations as well. Finding the right, talented specialists who can align their knowledge with an organization’s business goals is one of the top concerns for AI implementation among business owners.


Budget issues

Meeting the infrastructure requirements for depolying AI solutions from the ground up, along with the need of hiring subject matter experts and data scientists, puts a huge strain on the budget of many organizations.


How can IBM help?

The IBM Power Systems are designed to provide organizations the right infrastructure to support their ambitious AI projects. They help enterprises unleash the full potential of AI and drive deeper business insights in a short amount of time, so that enterprises can take data-driven decisions with deep confidence. Contact us for more information on how IBM Power Systems can help you tackle the crushing AI workloads.