Many IT organizations are investing and restructuring their IT infrastructure, as well as modernizing their portfolios including legacy modernization and other mission-critical application modernization efforts. Updating and upgrading applications is need of the hour in the IT sector, currently and it surely is an asset for your organization.  At its core, application modernization is the process of taking existing legacy applications and modernizing platform infrastructure to deliver a better and more effective customer experience and leverage ROI.

Application Modernization is a must for cloud-centric business transformation whether you’re going cloud native to build innovative capabilities, accelerate development and delivery, or improve operational efficiency, IBM has the technology and expertise to help your team achieve their goals.

IBM has a portfolio of cloud software and app modernization services for our hybrid cloud platform to help you achieve greater ROI. Whether you are modernizing your existing enterprise application, migrating VMware workloads, or rebuilding as microservices you benefit from our experience in helping industry-leading companies integrate and secure apps across their environments.

Many enterprises are often hesitant to invest in modernization, but at times these investments pay off very quickly, resulting in the growth of the organization!

Here are three main reasons why enterprises should invest in IBM application Modernization solution.

  1. Better Customer Experiences with a secure foundation
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Greater Agility

Better Customer Experiences with a secure foundation

Application modernization delivers engaging user experiences by improving faster response times, resiliency, and much more. With Kubernetes as the core technology, IBM Power Systems provides its customers most reliable mainstream server platform by protecting every layer of hardware and software stack with end-to-end security.

Reduced costs

Modernizing outdated legacy software can be a costly endeavor. organizations that modernize their outdated legacy system can reduce their operational costs and boost annual revenue. IBM Power Systems application modernization solution can bring the outdated legacy system into new life by improving technology, speed, reliability, functionality and integration capabilities.

Application modernization leads to the following benefits:

  1. Reduced resource usage
  2. Reduced license cost
  3. Reduced support costs

Greater Agility

Enterprises need to modernize critical applications to stay competitive with the pace of evolving technologies, and to introduce new features and capabilities to meet user expectations. IBM Power System fueled with leading technologies like Kubernetes and DevOps best practices, like CI/CD, enterprises can deliver applications more frequently, with greater agility than before.

With IBM application Modernization solution, organizations can

  • Get faster time to market and achieve more agility
  • Accelerate the power of digital transformation
  • Build and manage mission-critical applications on a future-ready platform
  • Build, deploy, and manage applications on modern, hybrid cloud platforms


With container orchestration platforms, such as Kubernetes or OpenShift, IBM application modernization solutions are sure to save a lot of resources and balance workloads too, better than virtual machines. Adding to that, IBM open-source software also reduces the licensing cost of commercial software.

Planning and executing your application modernization strategies with IBM Application Modernization Services results in accelerated modernization, improved developer productivity, and increased operational efficiency and standardization in your organization!