When it comes to infrastructure modernization, flash storage systems have turned out to be an indispensable part in augmenting data storage. One of the most obvious reasons behind this is the speed, security & convenience flash storage systems come with which align perfectly with the current demands of global enterprises. Moreover, the last decade has been rather transformational when we speak about the Information & Technology sector with Cloud Storage, Artificial Intelligence, Big-Data & Machine Learning turning out to be integral part of global businesses. With this, the demand for high-performing storage systems has been more than ever & IBM Flash Systems the tech-giant’s high-performing, highly-functional solutions that are engineered for the needs of the present & the future as well. Let’s take a dive into the potential of IBM Flash System in this comprehensive overview.

IBM Flash System: High performance flash storage system family

IBM Flash System is a constantly evolving platform that has adapted to changing requirements with features like better flash management, durability, hardware-driven data reduction & encryption, incorporation of NVMe with ultra-low latency and peak system performance. The product series consists of IBM FlashSystem 5000, IBM FlashSystem 5200, IBM FlashSystem 7300. IBM FlashSystem 9500, all of which come with the intelligence and capabilities needed to make deployment and management of hybrid cloud architectures simple for any enterprise. Here, we explore the details of each member of the FlashSystem series:

IBM FlashSystem 5000

IBM FlashSystem 5000 is the entry level enterprise ready flash storage system of the IBM FlashSystem family. Talking about the framework, this flash system solution sports a 24 NVMe high-availability flash device in a 4U storage enclosure with fully redundant chassis. IBM FlashSystem 5000 is a scalable, faster & affordable flash storage option that’s built to handles virtualization, desktop, production database & container level workloads with ease.

IBM FlashSystem 5200

The IBM FlashSystem 5200 is an all-flash hybrid storage option that provides a simplified data delivery solution. This enterprise level data service helps companies maintain the equilibrium between performance & affordability. The framework consists of 12 NVMe high-availability flash devices in a 1U storage enclosure drawer with fully redundant canister components which prevents a single point of failure. 

IBM FlashSystem 7300

Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM FlashSystem 7300 offers enterprise-class capabilities such as deduplication, innovative data reduction options with compression, and automated thin provisioning—all of which improve capacity and efficiency so you can store more in less space. Talking about the specs, this option sports a 24 NVMe high-availability flash devices in a 2U storage enclosure drawer with networked-based replication across 3 sites.  

IBM FlashSystem 9500

IBM FlashSystem provides upto 4.5 Petabytes of effective data storage in an efficient 4U storage enclosure drawer with networked-based replication across 3 sites. IBM FlashSystem 9500 provides petabytes of effective data storage in a very efficient four-rack unit chassis. It utilizes IBM Flash Core technology packaged into a 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD) form factor and uses a NVMe interface.  IBM FlashSystem 9500 can deliver performance of 100 GB/s throughput or 1.6 million IOPS with a database-like workload.

IBM FlashSystem features

Enterprises are always on the lookout for high-performing hardware (or software) that will help them meet the rising business demands. With Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence etc.  percolating into the business ecosystem, the demand for high-performing storage has been more than ever & it’s only speculated to increase.

The all-flash & hybrid-flash storage systems from IBM have been designed to deliver high-performance, reliability & scalability for enterprise workloads. The nature & application of these storage systems is so versatile that businesses integrate them across all verticals of their IT infrastructure. IBM FlashSystems can be used to accelerate database workloads by providing high-speed storage with ultra-low latency, which drastically improves the performance of database driven applications such as CRM, E-com, Banking & Finance applications etc. These flash storage systems play a major role in Cloud Computing, Analytics & Big Data and HPC as well.

IBM FlashSystem: Storage simplified

Storage made simple- seamless, secure management with the IBM FlashSystem Family.  

Cost Efficient- IBM FlashSystems can get you an ROI of up to 359% in just about an 8-month payback.   

Cyber Resiliency- Ensure continuity of operations by protecting your data with flash storage backup solutions that offer speed recovery from cyberattacks.

The world has transitioned from a sentiment driven decision making setup to a purely data-driven approach. During this transition, the demand for high-performing has grown exponentially given the vast amounts of data being transferred & process across enterprise verticals. IBM FlashSystem provide everything an enterprise needs to store, manage & secure data with blazing speed and that too with a touch of IBM’s world-class expertise!

source: https://www.ibm.com/in-en/flashsystem