Leaders explain that app modernization in the simplest terms is the method of app updating so that it can easily be extended, maintained, managed, and deployed in a way that it can be used to satisfy current and future demands.


How to move to cloud

Driving mission-critical workloads on cloud: The first 20% of a company’s cloud journey has now been completed. The following chapter discusses migrating mission-critical apps to the cloud (the remaining 80%).

Data and Artificial Intelligence: Make use of artificial intelligence’s abilities to address business problems. Integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the applications you supply and the procedures you employ to create them.

Proper inspiration for innovation: To stay ahead of the competition, you must deliver innovation faster. At a rapid and large scale, transition from experimental to actual corporate transformation.

Hybrid and multi-cloud: The end consequence is a complicated web of hybrid, multi-cloud environments as you transform. 94% of businesses make use of numerous clouds. Businesses must be able to move apps and data between clouds swiftly and securely in order to progress.


Build cloud-native with breach-proof security right from the start

The efficiency, scalability, and productivity of cloud-native development may all be improved. A DevSecOps toolchain and ensuring security is in place in all aspects of application delivery are essential for security.

The major challenge associated with modernizing mission-critical app is that presently, 80 percent of mission-critical apps are not in the cloud. What makes this so? To restructure your apps to run on the cloud and take advantage of new technologies, you’ll need to develop a modernization strategy.


The clear advantages of opting for App modernization with IBM Power Systems

Application modernization can provide the organization with a number of business and technical advantages. These improvements, large and little, can have a long-term and positive impact on it.

  • Faster and more efficient digital transformation journey
  • Employees gain an enhanced developer experience
  • Enterprises can deploy enterprises applications anywhere in the hybrid cloud



Encourage digital transformation and embrace agile working methods that will help you develop and stay competitive. Optimize corporate operating models as part of a hybrid cloud approach to save money, boost productivity, and open up new possibilities.