With ever growing businesses, the complexities of processes and data also increase. This increases the space occupied by local servers and also, the maintenance costs. Here’s where Cloud comes to the rescue! Let’s understand what cloud computing is in detail.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud uses remote servers on the internet to store, process and manage data instead of local servers. This helps to make your data available on internet and you can access and process it from anywhere and anytime.

AWS Cloud Services

There are three broad categories of AWS cloud computing services available which you can utilize according to your business models.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS enables companies to use software without purchasing them. This saves the time of deploying them on servers and also the cost of ownership.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS provides a platform for developers to develop applications without purchasing them. PaaS saves the maintenance cost of the platform and as it is on cloud, developers can easily access it from anywhere at any time.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

IaaS is the rental service offered by cloud providers that enables companies to rent servers, storage space, etc.


Why migrate your business to AWS cloud?


  • AWS Cloud Improves Agility

Cloud means flexibility. It gives a 24/7 access to your users from any geographical location. This means your associates and customers can have easy access to your system in agile environment.


  • AWS Cloud Reduces Cost

With cloud services, your cost of ownership reduces drastically. It saves cost of purchasing as well as maintenance and many such indirect costs incurred during deployment of products and services on local servers.


  • AWS Cloud Helps in Easy Disaster Recovery

As your data is saved on cloud on redundant servers, even if there is some failure or disaster at one point, you have your data safe on other servers. Hence, data recovery is convenient.


  • AWS Cloud Enhances Security

The cloud consists of an integrated set of policies, controls, procedures and technologies to safeguard cloud-based systems, data and infrastructure. This reinforces the security of your data and processes.



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