Application modernization deals with the migration of legacy applications and other mission-critical apps to new applications or modernizing platform infrastructure in order to deliver a better customer experience and leverage ROI. IBM application modernization services offer skills, methods, and tools that help enterprises determine strategies based on their portfolios and customize them according to individual needs. This helps the organization to drive cost-effectively, create opportunities and increase productivity for innovation. Many IT organizations are investing and restructuring their IT infrastructure, as well as modernizing their portfolios including legacy modernization and other mission-critical application modernization efforts. Updating and upgrading applications is a need of the hour in the IT sector, currently and it surely is an asset for your organization. You might be wondering how to stay up-to-date in such a fast-paced world? Well, IBM Application is just the right thing for you.

IBM Application Modernization: Explained 
Application Modernization is the process of converting an obsolete/monolithic/outdated/legacy application into a modernized version that has better platform infrastructure, architecture, or features. IBM Application Modernization is a highly efficient form of Application Modernization that uses Containers, Kubernetes, Cloud storage & Artificial Intelligence. You can easily choose the best possible method to modernize any organization’s tech tree with IBM’s impeccable industry experience that goes into building IBM’s Application Modernization process. 

IBM Application Modernization: Importance & Benefits 

  1. Better Customer Experiences with a secure foundation 
    Application modernization delivers engaging user experiences by improving faster response times, resiliency, and much more. With Kubernetes as the core technology, IBM Power Systems provides its customers with the most reliable mainstream server platform by protecting every layer of hardware and software stack with end-to-end security. 
  2. Reduced costs 
    Modernizing outdated legacy software can be a costly endeavor. Organizations that modernize their outdated legacy system can reduce their operational costs and boost annual revenue. IBM Power Systems application modernization solution can bring the outdated legacy system into new life by improving technology, speed, reliability, functionality and integration capabilities. 

Greater Agility 
Enterprises need to modernize critical applications to stay competitive with the pace of evolving technologies, and to introduce new features and capabilities to meet user expectations. IBM Power Systems fueled with leading technologies like Kubernetes and DevOps best practices, like CI/CD, enterprises can deliver applications more frequently, with greater agility than before. 

Key technologies for application modernization  
Before making any changes to an existing framework, a thorough inspection is carried out & the Application Modernization Process follows the same principle. A thorough assessment provides deeper insight into what has to be done, what can be done & what should have been done. These metrics help in coming up with the most efficient Application Modernization process, ultimately giving birth to the best version of a once outdated application.   

  1.) Containerize Monolithic Applications: 

 A faster, lightweight & portable option as compared to Virtual Machines. 

  2.) Expose on-premise assets: 

 Enable existing assets & make them cloud-compatible. 

  3.) Refractor into microservices: 

 Convert the workload into smaller deployable components. 

  4.) Add new microservices: 

 Adapt, Innovate, Create, Analyze, Implement, and Grow exponentially.

Features/Advantages of IBM Application Modernization
IBM’s Application Modernization comes with an array of tools that reduce cost & minimize disruptions. The advantages of IBM Application Modernization have been further explained in detail below: 

  1.   The RedHat OpenShift Container Platform allows developers to treat configuration as a code that modernizes development & operations across the entire software lifecycle. 
  2.   The AI-powered IBM Cloud Pak is enterprise-ready containerized software best suited for modernizing existing applications, enabling cloud compatibility & accelerate the complete digitalization of software. 
  3.   With the help of IBM Application Modernization & IBM Consulting you get the best of both worlds- accelerated & constantly evolving application modernization & expert guidance.

Planning and executing your application modernization journey with IBM Application Modernization Services results in hassle-free operations, increased cost efficiency, productivity, and opportunities for innovation, accelerated modernization, improved developer productivity, and increased operational efficiency and standardization.