The future of your dropped ZBook 14u depends on numerous factors; right from the height from which it is dropped; the manner in which it fell; and “sheer” luck. Certain repairs tend to be minor to the extent of you being able to fix them by yourself. However, some of them do need consultation with professional and, you will, of course, end up drilling a big hole to your pocket. If you have accidently dropped your ZBook 14u and do notice that there is something incorrect with it; do not panic. It’s advisable to go for thorough inspection of the device and then draw inference as to whether you need assistance from outside or not.

  • Examine the ZBook 14u’s external casing. These damages may not be even worth fixing unless and until you think of selling your laptop. However, if damages happen to be severe, you need to check if the hardware has been damaged too.
  • Have a look at the screen of your laptop and check if there are cracks developed. This sort of damage will definitely need a professional computer technician for repairing. The entire screen may need repairing if the damage is noticeable.
  • Try to plug in the ZBook 14u and boot it. If you hear the hard drive spinning, fans starting up, and the other sounds that your ZBook makes while starting up, repairs may not be required.
  • If you come across unfamiliar beeping; better check with the manufacturer; as they have diverse meanings for diverse beep sequences.
  • Look out for unusual buzzing, clicking or any other noises coming from ZBook’s hard drive. That might indicate that hard drive is damaged.
  • If your ZBook refuses to turn”ON”, firstly check if plug and battery are connected properly. If it seems to be completely dead, contact a technician.


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