Built to innovate and modernize workloads, Linux on IBM Power Systems, a blend of the world’s best operating systems with one of the world’s best processors, empowers enterprises to run Linux® applications while leveraging POWER® hardware performance, availability, and reliability features. As a flexible, stable, highly secure, and cost-effective operating system, the combination of Linux with IBM Power Systems delivers innovation in new ways and creates a new force of openness, quality, performance, and security. 


Why Linux on IBM Power Systems is a smart choice for enterprises? 

  • Linux on IBM Power Systems is generally faster, more reliable, scalable, and secure. 
  • Allow enterprises to innovate and build a winning solution by leveraging the OpenPOWER foundation 
  • Linux on IBM Power Systems is highly cost-efficient, requires fewer cores, and has lower licensing costs. 
  • Linux on IBM Power Systems helps enterprises modernize and scale on-premises with secure hybrid cloud and trusted AI automation and insights. 


Linux on IBM Power Systems: A smart choice for modern workloads 


Built to manage massive data quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively 

With an open-source solution and Linux a high-performance operating system, Linux at IBM Power Systems provides a scalable infrastructure that can quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively process large amounts of data to generate actionable business insights in real-time. 

Employs end-to-end security 

Linux on IBM Power Systems provides end-to-end security, ensuring each layer of your IT stack is fully secure i.e., from hardware to OS.   

Deploy and maintain mission-critical application 

Linux on IBM Power Systems helps organizations of all sizes deploy and maintain mission-critical systems with increased agility, manageable complexity, and reduced cost. 

Enables digital transformation with ease  

With Linux on IBM Power Systems, enterprises can easily unlock the potential of digital transformation by scaling data-intensive workloads to private, public, or hybrid clouds. 


With an open-source ecosystem and cloud-native deployment options, Linux on IBM Power Systems enables enterprises to scale existing apps and roll out emerging technologies across all types of cloud environments. 

Open-source availability  

With Open-source availability, enterprises can consistently develop, deploy and implement next-generation apps by navigating on-premises and between different cloud environments.  


Giants using Linux on IBM Power Systems 


Google Data Center is using Linux on IBM Power Systems  

  • To get more memory bandwidth for Big data, AI, and ML workloads. 
  • Four times the number of threads per core for Google searches. 

PayPal is also Linux on IBM Power Systems to process large datasets and accelerate deep learning for fraud prevention efforts. 

Uber also deployed OpenPower Server on a lot of its Uber technology which helped the company in 

  • Optimization of driver routing 
  • Identifying fraudulent accounts 
  • Providing riders with accurate pricing estimates 

LimeLight, a company that provides various tools to enhance digital content streaming, also deployed OpenPower servers to achieve faster streaming and less buffering. 

Linux on IBM Power Systems: The combination of an open-source operating system and the POWER hardware ecosystem brings together the vibrant, open, cross-platform capabilities of the Linux software ecosystem with the most scalable, powerful, reliable capabilities of the POWER hardware ecosystem.