Why is it important to take backup of a cloud data? What are the pros and cons of it. Also, Let us see why IBM Spectrum Protect becomes a good choice to store and safeguard your organization’s data.


If you are reading this article, I am sure either you have already opted for the cloud or you are thinking of choosing one. The numerous options available in the market for cloud including AWS, Azure and others makes it really cost efficient for the organizations. Upon the flexibility, accessibility, agility and scalability of cloud solutions cannot be credited enough! And, once you choose Cloud as your data storage, there is no going back.


Even with back-up, the easy and automated options available to backup the entire data on cloud makes it a comprehensive solution for the organizations. So why there is such confusion whether to have data backup on premise or not!


It is not at all a technical question, but a simple business query?


Data is the new oil, and this is definitely not new to any business person. One knows how much loss a data compromise or failure can cause. Our organizations run on this data. Even dated data or unused data has to be kept for future references.


Though cloud solutions assure you of data safety and guarantee, what if there is even a 0.001% chance of compromise and failure? Would you risk that chance? Maybe! If your organization is  limited to a single digit, but what about the organizations where the number is 100, 500, or a few ten thousands or lakhs! They definitely can’t take this chance.

Then, what is the solution to it? How do you have your data completely available at any point of time?


This is where on-premise data backup helps! It keeps your data safe, secure and always available for references. The maximum use of this is to backup your unused data that doesn’t have to be processed, it is kept only as reference data.


IBM Spectrum Protect™ can simplify data protection where data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environments. With IBM Spectrum Protect, you can select the right software to manage and safeguard your data—while also simplifying backup administration, improving efficiencies, delivering scalable capacity and enabling advanced capabilities. With superior virtual machine (VM) protection, IBM Spectrum Protect integrates with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for fast and easy VM protection with searchable catalog and role-based administration.