When you carry the laptop in your lap; you need to know the amount of heat dissipated by it. As such, you need to be extra careful while using it outside. A laptop stand/laptop pad should be used. The most preferred solution would be to have a self-cooling stand handy. It would, thus, help you in working with ease.

An aluminum heatsink laptop stand would help in reducing the laptop’s heat; and, at the same time, improve on ergonomics as well. Aluminum has got noteworthy material attributes. Its laptop stand does act as passive heat sink and dissipate heat into air; that too, without using power or fans.

We do spend long hours sitting in front of our ZBook 14u. Even though it’s a mobile workstation; healthy ergonomics are seldom supported from user’s perspective. Herein, just by tilting the laptop a bit, the ergonomics improve drastically. It, thus, lessens pain with neck and wrist while making way for better airflow for your ZBook 14u. All you have to do is to place laptop on laptop stand and it will work positively for you; with immediate effect.

Aluminum’s exclusive properties accentuate the design; while maintaining the simplicity. The best thing about aluminum is that it could be recycled on an infinite basis. That ensures durability as well as malleability. Plus, aluminum is not subject to rust. This gives more flexibility in terms of handling. The anti-skid properties that this aluminum laptop stand has are also worth mentioning.

In a nutshell, you could conclude that it’s imperative to have a heat dissipating laptop stand; and the one made from aluminum would add to the overall benefits. You could move around tension-free; as laptop won’t get overheated while you handling it.


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