When your business is growing by leaps and bounds, you would definitely want to upgrade your storage and enterprise backup solutions for a variety of reasons. This remains a challenge in a scenario where your business expansion requires data to be stored securely and managed effectively for a smooth functioning of your business.

Here’s how storage and enterprise backup solutions can help your business:

  1. Disaster Recovery Planning

You need to implement a data backup and recovery plan to ensure perpetual up-time for all your applications, especially in the face of disasters, both natural and man-made. ENAM Securities Pvt. Ltd. wanted to build a DRS (disaster recovery site) for their business to ensure continuity. They successfully created an off-site disaster recovery center using virtualization implemented by Pentagon.

  1. Ability to comply with regulatory mandates

Your business needs to be compliant with the land of the law. Whether it is consumer law or personal data protection laws, your organization needs to ensure that you store and manage voluminous data. Then, there is also the threat of data theft. So, when you are dealing with sensitive health information, for example, you are required by law to put checks in place in your system to ensure that your customer data remains secure.

  1. Storage Consolidation

A growing organization needs to facilitate data backup and archiving, while minimizing the time required retrieving it. Pentagon offers storage consolidation solutions, which also simplify your storage infrastructure, optimize resource utilization and reduce cost in terms of space and maintenance. Pentagon helped Total Oil India save up to Rs.10 lakh by eliminating server procurement cost by implementing virtualization.

  1. Optimization of hardware and software

When Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL) wanted to overhaul its entire IT infrastructure, Pentagon suggested a virtual set-up. As a result, FTIL has increased its CPU utilization from a low 7% to a whopping 70%. It also reduced server provision time from 5 hours to 15 minutes.

Storage requirements among Fortune 1000 companies have increased tremendously over the past few years. In many instances, storage needs are expected to double as fast as every 10 months! With Pentagon’s Storage and Enterprise Backup solutions, you can implement the best and latest technology to suit your business requirements, even as you watch your business expand.