HP’s ZBooks come across as fantastic mobile workstations; which, as the name suggests, capture creativity on the “go” ! As of now, two ZBooks – 14u and 15u have taken the market by storm. Following are the similarities as well as differences between the two:


  • Both are meant for business-critical, heavy duty work. As such, you could conduct data mining from Excel pivot tables, make mega PowerPoint decks, open high resolution files, and browse – do everything at “one” go; that too, without any slowdown or freezing.
  • Both prove to be ideal for 2D design workflows. You could seamlessly move ahead with quick design of layouts as you have your text, colors, graphics, and effects at your discretion.
  • Reviewing 3D and 2D projects is possible at the lightning speed with ultra-mobile ZBooks.
  • 4G LTE enables usage of SIM card from your ISP; which ensures safety of your own network. This implies that you need not go to anyone else’s network when your own network is all the way with you.
  • If you have forgotten your charger while on the move; need not worry. HP ZBooks pave the way for long battery life (up to 10 hours); which means your working day would go uninterrupted even without the charger. Moreover, the ultra-fast recharge does charge the half of your battery within merely half an hour.


The only difference between ZBook 14u and ZBook 15u is that the former comes with 14-inch display whereas the latter one has 15-inch display. Both help in space management; but ZBook 14u takes a step forward in this regard. You could get it and leave all your “creative” concerns behind.

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